Seo For Charity

“Life is enough to live for self, It’s time to work for others”

After Establishing our name among the prominent SEO Service Providers across the web. It is time we work from our end towards the betterment of our society. SEO Charity- this unique concept has been thought across for the first time in Seo World by Stryker Webtech. We have decided to be a helping hand for those who are in true need for these help. When we see those helpless children working at the tea stalls or at the construction site instead of being at school and studying, we usually criticize their parents or the government policies for being so negligent. We feel sympathy for these kids however when it comes to donating we take back our hands. We feel we would do something for them in the future but that time never comes. At Stryker Webtech we have decided to take our first step and initiate the first of its kind work for charity. This Section will be 100% Non Profit work and all the earnings that is made from this page will be donated to the charity in public welfare. Services provided under this page will have the same quality as of our regular services.

In the World of SEO  where SEO Means Making Money we want to  initiate towards the Bigger Social Responsibility by helping people to survive. We at have been your partner towards success. Now we are also your partner towards helping out others. With this Charity page, you can gain advantage of the highly acclaimed services and pay it forward to the charities.

Our virtue, materialized-

It is part of our virtue to pay it forward to the public. As part of our continuously diversifying role in society, here at, we aim to help out particular charities while making sure that you benefit from our services as well. In this Charity page, we will have a range of services like SEO, SMO, PPC.

Benefits of this charity page-

If you go to this charity page and choose one of the services, you will get a discounted prices for that service and the great thing is that 100% of the proceeds will go to a chosen charity. This is a fantastic deal that you should take advantage of. It is a win-win situation for our clients, What you get is a quality service for your website as well as being able to extend your help to the needy people who need most of your help.

Paying it forward-

With the small steps that we do to help out others, we assure you that the services we offer in this charity page will meet your strict needs for high quality SEO and submission needs. It is part of our goal to give something back to the world. Your small offerings and services, when combined together can create a huge impact to various sectors of society. The internet is not just a space for financial opportunities but also for goodwill.

We suggest you to read our “Charity Terms & Conditions” before place any order…

  1. A client can place a order of maximum $150 at a time.
  2. A client can place order once in a month.
  3. As this is our starting so we are accepting maximum $750/month of fund as charity & after this we will not allow orders for remaining days of that month.
  4. Actual cost of each package is more then we offer here so we request to our clients that don’t demand discount in our regular business services.

For the discounted prices, kindly fill out the contact form